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WINTER Japanese Art

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#41123 Saddle & Stirrups with Dragon and Tiger Design – Winter Japanese art

Japanese antiques art

From kyoto japan

#41123 Saddle & Stirrups with Dragon and Tiger Design

This fine set consists of a black lacquered wooden saddle with a pair of gilded brass cloud dragons facing each otheron the ‘maewa’ (front) and gilded brass clouds on the ‘ushirowa’ (back). It has a removable padded seat cover of striped material with gilded leather trim. Beneath the saddle, the ‘shitagura’ is made of lacquered and gilded leather with an elegant checquered pattern.

The iron stirrups are inlaid with delicate silver tendrils around the edges and the front of each stirrup is mounted with a brass tiger with silver inlaid eyes. The interiors of the stirrups are lacquered red. They are both signed 加賀住重久作 (Kaga sumi Shigehisa Saku)

Early18th Century 

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