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WINTER Japanese Art

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#ACC5 19th Century Daimyo Quality ‘Uchine’ (Large Throwing Dart) – Winter Japanese art

Japanese antiques art

From kyoto japan

#ACC5 19th Century Daimyo Quality ‘Uchine’ (Large Throwing Dart)

Uchine’ were never used as a mainstream weapon, so examples are quite rare to find, particularly of such quality as this.

The shaft is lacquered black and decorated with gold leaf, the bindings have been finished with red lacquer. The fletching is made of goshawk feathers and is still in very good condition. The nock of this piece is made of ivory, with a purple silk handstrap, attached to the shaft through a beautiful silver fitting.

The blade is protected by a black lacquered ‘saya’.
The blade itself is in fine polish measuring 15cm in length.
The ‘Nakago’ (tang) is signed and dated and measures 39cm.
The overall length of this piece is 59cm.
With paulownia wood storage box.

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