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Japanese antiques art

From kyoto japan


This complete, matching armour comprises a thirty-two plate russet iron helmet with delicate silver ‘honzougan’ (inlay) of flowers and tendrils. Mixed metal ‘tehen kanagu’. The ‘manju shikoro’ (rounded neck guard) is composed of five lames of black lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’ (false scales). A gilded wood and copper ‘maedate’ decorate the front of the bowl.

The russet iron ‘ressei menpo’ has a good patina, detachable nose, gilded copper teeth and moustache of animal hair. The interior is lacquered red. The ‘tare’ (throat guard) is made of four lames of black lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’.

The two plate cuirasse is decorated front and back with inlaid silver and brass of a ‘ho-ou’ (phoenix) flying amongst wisteria and intricate horizontal ‘kirigane’ plates. The ‘kusazuri’ (skirt) is divided into seven sections, each of five lames of black lacquered leather ‘kiritsuke kozane’. The reverse of the front section of the skirt has a ‘hanagami bukoro’ (pouch) attached to it.

The ‘sode’ (shoulder guards) are each made of seven lames of black lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’.

The ‘hyoutan gote’ are made of russet iron with ‘kirigane’ flowers attached to the ‘kou’ (back of hands). Additional protection in the form of detachable ‘wakibiki’ cover the vulnerable armpit area.

The ‘etchu haidate’ (thigh protection)is made of the same weave of chainmail as the sleeves and of course the same floral patterned blue silk lining as throughout the rest of the armour.

Matching ‘shino suneate’ complete this beautiful armour which is stored in its original paulownia box.

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