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18th Century


This armour is laced throughout with blue doe skin and is composed of a lacquered iron sixty two plate ‘suji kabuto’ (helmet) with six tier ‘tehen kanagu’ (fitting around the hole at the top of the bowl) of florally shaped and scrolled soft metals. The front of the helmet is decorated with a ‘kuwagata’ (hoe shape) made of silver and gold plated copper in the form of bamboo. The ‘kuwagata-dai’ is finely worked with ‘nanako’ patination and carved floral design in relief with shakudo applications. Between the ‘kuwagata’ is a silver gilded wood dove in flight. The ‘mabisashi’ (peak) and ‘fukigaeshi’ (turn backs) are wrapped in stenciled doe skin. The ‘manju shikoro’ (rounded neck guard) is made of five lames of lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’ (false scales). The interior of which is covered in gold leaf.


The lacquered iron ‘ressei men’ (mask of fierce expression) has embossed wrinkles across the cheeks, removable nose piece, bushy moustache, and silver gilded copper teeth. The ‘tare’ (throat guard) is made of five lames of lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’. The reverse is covered with gold leaf.


The two piece cuirasse is made of lacquered iron ‘honkozane’ (real scales). The ‘muna-ita’ (top of breast plate), ‘waki-ita’ (under arm plates) and ‘seno-ita’ (top of back plate) are made of iron plate decorated with ‘byakudan nuri’ lacquer technique. The ‘dou’ is mounted with gilded copper filigree and ‘shakudo’ mounts. A ‘hanagami bukoro’ (pouch) made of red ‘rasha’ and ‘kikkozane’, matching that of the ‘tateage’ and ‘erimawashi’ is mounted on the bottom left side of the cuirasse. The ‘kusazuri’ (skirt) is made of seven divisions, each of five lames of leather ‘honkozane’. The interior is lined with gilded leather.


The ‘sode’ (shoulder guards) are each made of seven lames of lacquered iron ‘kiritsuke kozane’ and lined on the interior with silk.


The ‘hyotan gote’ (sleeves with corrugated gourd applications to the forearms) each have a ‘futabatsuki hisago’ (that they are hinged and can be opened to store medicine). The ‘kou’ (hands) can also be detached. The chain mail is of ‘sogusari’ weave and lacquered with ‘byakudan nuri’ lacquer technique.


The ‘haidate’ (thigh guards) are of ‘kikko’ style with lacquered leather hexagons connected by chain mail.


The ‘shino suneate’ (shin guards) are made of iron plate and chain mail, lacquered in the same manner to the rest of the armour.


Split toe doe skin boots complete this armour which is housed in a paulownia wood storage box.

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