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#HLM3 Rare 18th Century Russet Iron ‘Tatami Kabuto’ (Folding Helmet)

This russet iron folding helmet is of rather unique design.

Made of 5 tiers of russet iron each held to the other by standing rivets which fit through a hole on the tier below and connected by chains in four locations to keep the helmet bowl together. A large pin at the rear secures all the tiers in place but it can be removed should one wish to collapse the bowl. The neck guard is also split in two sections vertically at the rear to allow this to happen.

At the top of this helmet is a very finely worked hachimanza worked in three tiers of iron in the shape of a flower. Upon which sits an eight sided iron decoration which secures a ring.

The rounded neck guard is made of four lames of russet plate iron lacquered black on the interior laced with wide spaced navy blue silk.
Certification from the Japan Arms & Armour Research & Preservation Society confirm this piece to be ‘Tokubestsu Kitcho Shiryo’.

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