#ACC411 18th Century Hanging Scroll Depicting 'Hata' & 'Sashimono' Of The Takeda Clan

This rare scroll depicts flags and banners of the Takeda clan from the province of Kai. The great general Takeda Shingen on his numerous campaigns against his nemesis Uesugi Kenshin is legendary in Japanese history.

His motto:

Be as swift as the wind

Be as still as the forest

Attack like fire

Be as steady as a mountain.

is still used and applied in business today.

His adopted symbol of the 'mukade' (centipede) for its speed, stealth, strength, and aggression painted upon his banners struck fear into his enemies on the battlefield.

Aside from the painting, the ends of this hanging scroll too are decorated with centipedes in gold maki-e

Mounts measure 187cm by 59cm

Painting measures 106cm by 47cm